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Color. believes in the power we have together to make change.

Less than 2% of venture capital is received by women-owned-businesses. And that number shrinks even further when it comes to women of color. Institutional VC views this as a pipeline issue, or a problem to be solved later. It’s not.

Color. believes that even small investment companies can make a big impact by investing directly in companies founded by diverse, underrepresented entrepreneurs. Collectively, we will catalyze change.

Color. was founded in reaction to founders Jaime Schmidt and Chris Cantino’s own experiences growing and funding companies from humble origins. Noting a lack of transparency, diversity, and social mission amongst institutional VC’s and PE firms, Color. was formed.

Color. invests in early stage companies—typically seed to series A—and specializes in the consumer product industry, retail and direct to consumer marketing, brand positioning, and growth strategy.

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Meet our founders.

Color. was founded by entrepreneurs Jaime Schmidt and Chris Cantino in 2018 after growing the company Schmidt’s Naturals from the couple’s small Portland, OR kitchen to placement in over 30,000 retailers and an acquisition by Unilever in December 2017.

Since, Jaime and Chris have focused their efforts towards helping level the playing field for emerging entrepreneurs that face systemic barriers to success for their companies. In June 2019, Color announced the launch of Supermaker, a media company that celebrates diverse, independent brands, and provides an alternative to homogenous business media.

In their hometown, the two also assumed ownership of entrepreneurial collective Portland Made, which hosts educational and networking events in support of local businesses.

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